we watched g.b.f. ad i wantto fuck like


in that movie



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Favourite Movies (No Order)
♦ Toy Story (1995)
"[Woody] This isn’t flying, this is falling with style!

rbbrps replied to your post “theoretically, if one were making a large k/b break up mix, would you…”

i like the idea of the k side b side

me too. see, i’m being FAIR with my deep penetrating dislike of a ship on a fox network tv shows about stupid teenagers. i am a reasonable adult!!

split them apart just like they should be split apart. It’s a metaphor, see


Anonymous wondered,
i'd split it into two sides tbqh. also, v excited for this hypothetical mix you're not making. :o)

i think it’s probably a better idea! it’s less confusing, at least… and seems like other people think it’s a good idea so \o/

but aw bless :3 i love making fanmixes, even though i’m not sure my musical taste is obscure enough to be cool orz

B side…dont care for much else…just the B side.

oh well i mean for the most part same… but i’m like, maaaaybe i should try being less biased… maybe… 

actually who am i even kidding. even the album cover has blaine’s stupid face on it orz

theoretically, if one were making a large k/b break up mix, would you (hypothetically) just mix all the songs together or split them into a b side and a k side

hypothetically speaking. i’m not making one or anything


i turned around to my desk and saw this glory in my magnifying mirror