a not so little dipper (●´□`)♡

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please it has never been that busy /ever/ and i’m sure it’ll die down everyone just seemed to have the day off today. i believe in you. you can do it [cheers 4 u]

rolls over. keeping up with anything faster than a snail’s pace is haaard. hold me

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p.s. everyone’s been there today i miss you

i knooow i wasn’t on yesterday and i didnt really mean to… not be… but now i have to catch up on the dash and like. four new people have appeared omg

ahhh. i probably should not have joined your rp i suck at keeping up. u deserve better

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when you log into an rp and ur like “oh shit” because suddenly everyone has arrived

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missgoalie75 lol yeah i was surprised too! i guess there are some american football loving insomniacs around here… idk idk. it’s the 49ers vs the broncos, the latter of which have super ugly team colours

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missgoalie75 at least in SOCCER we dont wear BIG DUMB HELMETS. nyeh nyeh!!! besides adding time makes more sense than having to stop all the time but wevs. no sports make sense really

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im watching ameri an football with my dad and god. this makes no sense

Their helmets are rly shiny tho

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went to see ‘71. sad

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Kira Yukimura in season three episode nineteen, ‘Letharia Vulpina’.

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my ideal weight is the weight of me holding eight puppies

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