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There was a lot of subtle foreshadowing in 3B regarding Allison’s death (the red paint splatter, the reinforcement of the code) but I think this is the most important one. It’s Allison, wandering like a ghost, a shadow, staring at her own cold body. Almost like she’s watching her future self. 

And then there’s Kate. Allison’s darkness essentially warned Allison, and us as the audience, that Kate was coming back. That she would try and hurt Ally’s friends (she tried to kill Isaac in that dream). But it also warned us that Allison would die. Her darkness wasn’t just visions and dreams created to scare her, it was a warning to everyone what would happen at the end of the season.

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Grant Gustin in the September Issue of Nylon Magazine.

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Pyrite Town
Artist: Tsukasa Tawada
Album: Pokémon Colosseum
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but not ‘character i most identify with’ because i dont do that. i am dead inside. i see myself in nothing. i am a reflection of my hollow husk of a soul

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fanmix yourself? lol I couldn’t pick a favorite book idk how you can!!

books are way easier! favourite characters are a lot more transient to me, especially in comparison to the work around them… it’s hard to pick a favourite character because they usually pale in comparison to my sentiments about the book/tv show/whatever. i have stronger feelings about books than the characters within them, so at least i have something to argue over! and if you define ‘favourite book’ a certain way for every occasion then it’s even easier. like i usually just decide that ‘book i have the most sentimental feelings towards’ is my favourite book, so it’s the last unicorn

so i guess really i should define ‘favourite character’ in a certain way too but nrrrt

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that’s when somebody you hate starts talking about them and somehow becomes an authority you can’t avoid. it’s impossible to win really

true. so many wrong people, so little time. although i am great at loudly ignoring others, which is great in fandom circles

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you can have multiple ones if you want

that’s not how it works!!! also i have to pick one for this fanmix yourself thing :( what a silly thing to pick a song for. why couldn’t i just do my favourite book or something, i could pick hundreds for the last unicorn

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